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Find out exactly how many calories you will burn per day.  Having an idea of the amount of calories that your body will burn per day is a great way to start with a weight loss program and it's also important for helping to maintain your present weight.

Every person will burn different amounts of calories per day.  This is mostly due to the differences in a persons age and gender, so their will not be a specific number that will fit everyone with the same measurements.  Also, this calculator only calculates the amount of energy you will expend per day, not the amount of calories that a person will burn.


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Daily Energy Expenditure Calculator
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Your daily energy expenditure calories

Your BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate is simply the amount of energy you need to expend each day in order to live.  It is basically the amount of energy needed just to keep you going.  The formulas used for this calculator will calculate a person who is at rest, not performing any physical activity.  So, the calculator is not taking into account any calories that you burn doing other activities throughout the day, such as exercising, walking, cleaning and so forth.

This simply means that your Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR is the number of calories burned if you were basically doing nothing, like resting, watching TV or working on the computer.  Adding physical activities like exercising will obviously help to increase the total amount of calories burned.

The Basal Metabolic Rate is generally used to get a starting point for most people when putting together a weight loss program.  Of course, like many things in life, there are a few variations with the calculator that are not specifically accounted for.  An example is a persons metabolism which can be high or low, and sometimes it's genetics that will have something to do with this when determining a persons BMR.







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