Body Fat Calculator


Find out how to calculate body fat and see what percentage of fat that you are carrying around.  Discover what range you are in from healthy to obese using this fat calculator.  This is a basic body fat calculator that provides a body fat percentage for both men and women.

The body fat calculator will
give you an indication of your
percentage of total body fat.

Go ahead and begin by
in-putting your numbers to
the right starting with your
height, neck measurement,
waist, hips and gender.

The body fat calculator will
then return your body fat
percentage and give you a
comparison with other
classifications that range
from essential fat, athletes,
fitness, acceptable and obese.


Body Fat Calculator
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Most of the time, people generally associate percentages of body fat with bodybuilders or world class athletes.  Typically, bodybuilders or even some professional athletes must maintain a low percentage of body fat in order to compete.  

Obviously, if you are not a world class athlete or professional bodybuilder, you definitely would not be expected to carry 4% - 5% percent body fat.  In fact, having a body fat percent of 5% or lower is actually considered harmful for most people who are not athletes.  And of course, increased numbers of 25% or higher could be something that is healthy or unhealthy based on age, build and whether male or female.










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