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Estimated Calories Burned While Walking

The Calories Burned Calculator will give you an estimate for calories burned from walking. It calculates calories burned from nine different levels of walking activity. Simply start by choosing which level of walking you performed from a very slow pace up to a fast or brisk walk. Then add your weight and the length of time you spent walking. Press calculate and it will give you an estimate of the calories you  burned while walking.

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Calories Burned Calculator
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Do you suffer from being overweight and want to start burning more calories so you can lose weight? Well, walking is probably the best way for you to get started. Walking will help to increase your activity level and add a positive change into your current lifestyle. Walking is also a great way to increase the total amount of calories that your body will burn during the day which will help with weight loss. By simply adding walking to your current daily routine you can start burning more calories, losing weight and be on your way to a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Walking is simply a more natural means of exercise for the human body. Since walking is something that is natural, your body will then experience the least amount of stress and strain from doing it. If you include some walking into your daily routine for several days each week, then the amount of calories that you burn will slowly add up where you can start losing weight. With each day you will begin to feel more energetic, motivated and soon be able to visualize your goal of losing weight.


The great thing about walking is that it doesn't cost anything and requires very little time out of your schedule. It's simple to include walking into your daily routine. At work, home or school, adding some extra walking will help to increase your calories burned for the day. Even if you are overweight or have physical conditions that limit most of your other activities, walking is something that can help increase strength and mobility so you can start enjoying life in a different and happier way.

Start walking today and begin improving your health, strengthening your body and building a more confident feeling about yourself.






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