Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator

The following BMI (Body Mass Index) or Body Fat Index can easily calculate your body mass for you.

The BMI is simply a number that is calculated from a persons height and weight. The resulting number gives an indication as to whether you might be underweight, a normal weight, overweight, obese and clinically obese. You should note that using a BMI may not be an exact calculation for your present shape or condition.  Simply put, the Body Mass Index does not take into account how a persons weight is distributed on their body.  A typical example is if your body type is of a muscular build, than the results might obviously show you as being overweight or even obese. However, if you are of average build with normal muscle mass, than the BMI should be able to give you an indication as to whether or not you are underweight or overweight.

These are the basic numbers for the BMI:

BMI reading of 18.5 and under = Underweight

BMI reading of 18.5 – 24.9 = Normal Weight

BMI reading of 25.0 – 29.9 = Overweight

BMI reading of 30.0 – 34.9 = Obese

BMI reading of 35.0 and higher = Clinically Obese

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You can easily and instantly get your BMI
calculation to the right. Start by checking
the circular boxes for either male or female
than simply slide the bar on the left for your
height, which is measured in feet and inches.

Next, slide the bar for your weight which is
measured in pounds.

Your BMI is instantly displayed in the column
marked BMI.


The Body Mass Index (BMI) is determined with the formula weight divided by body height to square. To make it easy for visitor of your web page to calculate the BMI, use the Free BMI Gadget by BMI-Club for your website . Please take also a look at All about Body Mass Index.
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