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We all know that swimming is good for you, but did you also know that it is one of the best workouts to lose belly fat.  There is literally no exercise better for you than swimming and on top of that, it also helps your body to relax making you feel more refreshed. 

Swimming gives your body a natural resistance which is provided by the water and because of the range of motions and muscles used, especially with the abs, your stomach will eventually start to flatten.  Even though the resistance is much greater compared to that out of water, any exercises performed while swimming is still low impact, which means much less of a strain on your muscles and joints.  Try these workouts to lose belly fat next time you enter a pool.

The Jump and Dig

There are basically two different moves for this that cover the upper and lower body.  Start by standing in the water preferably a level between your belly and your chest.  Start with the lower body workout first that will help the abdominal s.  Spread your feet wide apart and then jump bringing your knees up to the surface of the water and then set back down.  The best way to describe this is just to picture a frog when your are doing it.  Next, you are going to exercise the upper body.  Start by making a scoop with your hands at the surface level of the water.  Lower your hand scoop just below the surface and then scoop up and to one side.  Start alternating your sides so you can work the obliques.  You should begin with the two moves separately for about 2 to 3 minutes.  Keep in mind, with any exercise you do, form is the key in getting better and faster results.  After you have learned the form, try doing them at the same time so you can workout both areas of the stomach muscles.

Once you start to build up strength and increase your endurance, you might try adding water gloves which will help to create additional resistance for you.  Also, after building up strength you will be able to perform the exercises faster and this will allow you to add more reps with each of your 3 minute sets.  Don't forget though, form is the most important thing and you shouldn't sacrifice it just to add speed to your exercise.  Keep track of your fitness goals and remember that reaching them gradually is better than trying to rush through them and risk the chance of injury. 

Just remember, any type of workouts to lose belly fat require proper nutrition and hydration.  A good sound workout will be lost simply by your eating habits.  Eating the wrong type of foods coupled with overeating much of them will only waste the time you spend working out.  Also, keeping the body hydrated during and after working out is important.  Drinking plenty of fluids will help in keeping the body cool and functioning at proper levels.  Next, one of the most important is getting enough sleep.  It is not enough to just rest, you must also get the right kind of rest which helps your body to heal, repair and rejuvenate itself. 

>>> Before starting any new workout or exercise, especially if you have not done them before or have not performed any type of physical activity within a prolonged period of time, you need to pay attention to your body and know what your limits are.  Seek the advice of your Medical Professional or health care provider before starting any new physical activity.

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