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If you really want to benefit from any type of weight loss programs that you follow, try adding some resistance training in with your regular strength training. It doesn't matter whether you are doing cardio training and strength training already. Adding a little resistance training to your routine can simply make a dramatic difference with your overall fitness, not to mention the benefits of increasing weight loss. Also, resistance training will go a long way with improving your fitness goals by simply enhancing any type of workout that you are normally doing now.

Resistance training can help to burn fat even after exercising. While most cardio routines can easily burn fat, resistance exercises actually work to tone muscles. Which means, the increased activity with muscle tissue will help burn fat continuously.

The logic behind this is that muscles burn additional calories compared to that of fat tissue, so the increased exercising of muscles means an active boost of energy for your metabolism.

Now, compared to strength training which is an excellent way as well to tone muscles and achieve weight loss, resistance exercises can be done without lifting, which basically means that you don't need to belong to a gym in order to tone your muscles and increase your metabolism. Of course, that doesn't mean that you should give up your gym membership.

Look at it this way, as long as you are moving and performing some type of physical activity, your body and health will benefit in many different ways.

Resistance exercises can be performed with virtually any movement of your body. For example, you can make believe that you are lifting weights and when making the movements of certain exercises push or pull your arms or legs in the direction of the routine and pretend that there is resistance. Your muscles should tighten as you create resistance, which allows you to feel as if you are actually lifting

There are many other ways to experience resistance training such as the use of bands, exercise balls and swimming. Resistance exercises using bands are the most popular for people and allow you to perform numerous exercises for a total body workout. Many people who are going through stages of weight loss use resistance bands simply because of the convenience of being able to use them at home, work or even at the gym. Almost any type of exercise routine can be accomplished with resistance bands and some people even experience faster and better results compared to strength training.


Swimming is another type of physical activity that most people enjoy and it is also one of the best for performing resistance exercises. Moving through the water allows resistance in many different ways and while doing this your muscles tighten and relax much the same as lifting. Resistance exercises while swimming are not only good for weight loss and increasing your metabolism, but also many other physical or health problems that you might be experiencing.

Start adding a mix to your weight loss program and fitness routine today by including resistance exercises that can help increase fat burning and improve muscle tone.

Written by: K. Ho from fatloss.synthasite.com

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