The Need To Lose Weight Should Be

For The Right Reasons




When the need to lose weight comes to dieting, more times than not people make the wrong decisions regarding weight-loss and later find out it was for the wrong reasons.  However, if the reason does work for you than obviously your decision to diet is a good choice.  But, this is the tricky part, actually finding the right reasons that will work for you.

For people who need to lose weight, one thing is for sure and that is you will definitely find an endless source of motivators when it's time to start your diet.  The biggest reason for anyone choosing a dieting program is to obviously lose weight and that's an excellent reason.  A lot of people, especially women want to slim down down a dress or pant size that they wore years ago or fit into that favorite bikini again. 

Others just don't want that guilty feeling every time they step in front of that mirror.   For many it's just a simple fact of self-love and for others it's the opportunity of realizing that they must deal with the fact that their weight is a lifelong problem.  When you need to lose weight and you have the inspiration that it will take to be successful while dieting, then the reason for you dieting is perfectly acceptable and something that will work for you.  Another popular reason for some who choose dieting and the need to lose weight is the dream of becoming physically fit.  A lot of this is brought on by age and the desire that most people share of living longer lives and to achieve this many people believe the best approach is just to live healthier lifestyles.  Of course, the need to lose weight to maintain a healthier lifestyle would definitely be a good reason.  The key to this is that every one must find their own personal levels of motivation that are deep within themselves in order for any diet to work for you.

The need to lose weight for many is also a choice in improving the levels of energy that one currently has.  For some people, just being overweight makes some of the daily activities in our lives seem like huge obstacles.  From preparing meals, chores around the house, running errands or just playing with the kids, there just isn't enough energy to fulfill these and at the end of the day your body is completely exhausted.  On top of this, if you are considered obese, what about the normal activities that are bringing on increased physical pain which is often related to your weight?

Have you ever heard of revenge as a great motivator when it comes to losing weight?   If you need to lose weight, a lot of weight, be prepared for it to take time.  It will not be an easy road and it is definitely something that will require a great deal of motivation in order for you to stay on path.  Revenge as a need to lose weight basically involves emotional healing from past experiences and the goal is to return to yourself even more beautiful than before.  Obviously, if this kind of motivation is what it will take to lose weight, than this might be something you can hold on to.

Another popular belief when it involves the need to lose weight is religion.  Using religion as a motivator is something that many people feel strongly about as they consider their body to be a temple.  This type of philosophy is perfectly okay and a good motivator, although some people will find the path harder to follow.  Faith in religion can be one of the most powerful motivators for people as prayer has often been associated with healing and other things.  If your faith is strong enough and can give you the strength you need to achieve your weight-loss goals, then you should definitely pursue faith in your religion as a motivator.

Just remember, the need to lose weight and dieting must include some kind of motivation.  Many motivational factors will work for some and not for others.  If something is not working as well for you, then quickly find an alternative motivator for yourself.  Without the right motivation the need to lose weight will never become reality for you.

Written by:  K. Ho

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