The Benefits Of Herbal Health Drinks

by Nita McKinney

Nowadays the herbal health drinks market has exploded. There are vitamins and minerals added to many beverages, including water. Herbs have been known to have certain health properties and have been used to help relieve some ailments. Herbs can be anything from rose-hips to flowers such as dandelion.

Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world. It came from the Chinese and was simply hot water with an infusion of fresh tea leaves. That idea has evolved of hundreds of years into the herbal tea industry we see today. Nowadays plants like chamomile and peppermint are used in place of the original tea.

The best way to make the drink is to pour hot water over the teabag while it's in the cup. To extract the herbs from the teabag, leave it in for around five minutes, but not much longer, as it effects the flavor. An alternative is to use loose herbs and infusion teapot, one with a filter that will separate the bits of leaves from the water when you pour.

One of the reasons that the use of herbs has grown is because of the prevalence of growing herbs in the garden. Fresh herbs are great in a drink. Just remember that if using them in teas a simple formula is required. Use one teaspoon of dried herbs per cup and two teaspoons of fresh herbs per cup. Dried herbs have more pungency and therefore are used in smaller quantities. Add honey for a sweeter drink.

A herbal tonic is something that is usually made with red wine and fresh herbs. It takes a while to produce the beverage but it is worth it. You'll need a jar and some fresh herbs. Wash and dry the herbs and place them in the jar. Add the red wine, filling until the herbs are covered, and then stir using a wooden spoon. Seal the jar and wait for 4 weeks before drinking a little each day.

If you do not want to make your own drink then be sure to pick one that has been thoroughly researched and contains quality ingredients. Ideally, it should have no additives, coloring or flavorings, just natural ingredients.

Herbal teas have been known to help relieve a wide range of conditions. Things like coughs and colds are said to be relieved by simmering some ginger root in water for around 10 minutes and adding lemon juice and honey. Take out the ginger and serve. Stomach complaints have been treated by giving the complainant some tea infused with peppermint. It's said to help relieve bloated and upset stomachs.

Something that is not often mentioned when speaking of herbal health drinks is the absence of caffeine in them. What is so great about them is their versatility. Coughs, colds and stomach problems can all be alleviated through drinking herbal teas. And many people like to take them when they just want to relax.

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