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Many people worldwide suffer from high blood pressure and don't realize that just making better choices with healthy foods to eat can help lower it. While many people can experience high blood pressure from hereditary issues, even more people will see the rise in their blood pressure due to obesity and from stuffing themselves with prepackaged junk foods that are high in carbohydrates and fats. Of course, blood pressure medicine can be prescribed which will help alleviate the problem to some extent, but the best course of action is to eventually change your eating habits.

If you are overweight and suffer from high blood pressure as well, there's a good chance that the foods that you are eating now are not helping your situation. While many people with high blood pressure are aware of added salt and how it can raise blood pressure, they still continue to eat junk food that is high in sodium. 

Most prepackaged foods and fast food restaurants especially, have a very high level of added sodium, which most often means, too much salt! Many of the frozen foods you buy, packaged meals, heat and serve items, cookies and chips all have added sodium or salt.

If you are at risk for high blood pressure or are already on medicine to help lower it, try thinking about what you are eating daily. Changing your meal plan with healthy foods to eat could make a significant difference in lowering your blood pressure.

The following list of healthy foods to eat will help to lower your blood pressure and keep it down:

One, look for foods that are high in fiber. Of course, the top choices for this are fruits, veggies and a lot of whole grains. You can't go wrong with these choices as a way to improve heart health.

Two, tomatoes have long been a source of vitamins and nutrients, especially lycopene. Research has shown that lycopene actually helps in lowering blood pressure.

Three, garlic is another one of those silent foods that not only adds flavor to meals, but is also a good source to help lower blood pressure. The properties of garlic have been found to help widen arteries allowing more blood to flow freely. The drawback with using garlic to help with lowering blood pressure is that it must be consumed regularly in order to reap the benefits.

Four, celery has been shown to help increase blood flow throughout the body. Try adding celery as a snack eating just one or two stalks a day to help lower the numbers of your own blood pressure.


Five, bananas and oranges which are rich sources of Potassium can help with blood pressure. Some people who are experiencing high blood pressure often discovery that they lack sufficient levels of potassium which can cause blood pressure to rise. Eating some bananas and oranges daily is one way to help keep your potassium levels in check.

Six, here's something that most people wouldn't think about when it comes to lowering blood pressure. Dark Chocolate – that's right! Eating just one or two ounces per day can help with your blood pressure numbers. Look for dark chocolate that contains more than 70% cocoa.

There you go, some great ideas for healthy foods to eat that will not only help with losing weight, but also help in lowering your blood pressure as well.

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