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Since you are making an adjustment in your diet, consider almonds as part of your healthy food to eat. Almonds can be classified as both a dry fruit and nut. However, when it comes to healthy food to eat, the health benefits from almonds are considered to be of the highest out of all the dried fruits and nuts available.

Even though your choice of healthy food to eat might seem bland or even boring simply because of the word natural, doesn't necessarily mean that your consumption or preparation of foods cannot be varied. For instance, almonds in raw form will benefit you more as a healthy food to eat when not covered in sugar, honey, chocolate or salt. Raw almonds can easily be added to one of your healthy meal plans or eaten simply as a snack, which is a good source to help curb your cravings for other junk food.

If almonds in raw form is something that you are having a hard time adjusting to, simply try adding them to other dishes. You can chop almonds and add them to cereal, oatmeal, salads, desserts and other meals that you end up cooking. Why the big emphasis on almonds? Well, the following tips will give you more insight as to why almonds are an excellent healthy food to eat:

First, almonds can provide you with a higher source of protein and the benefit of vitamin E. Almonds are a natural way for you to get your daily intake of vitamin E and a natural source of anti-oxidants. Since almonds are a healthy food to eat, the added anti-oxidant power of vitamin E can assist with improving skin tone and strengthening hair. The added anti-oxidants in your system will also help by fighting other diseases as well.

Second, almonds are considered by medical professionals as a source of improving your cardiovascular system, helping with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases and more.

Third, constipation is an issue for many people and almonds are an excellent source for relieving that dreaded feeling of being constipated. You will be surprised at how just a few almonds a day as a healthy food to eat will help relieve constipation without the need to take over the counter drugs or the need of having to combine other food sources to get the same relief.


Fourth, a powerful source of healthy food to eat, almonds have been shown to increase the red blood cells of your body. Increasing red blood cells helps with providing additional oxygen which can improve many of your body's orderly functions.

Fifth, since almonds have been show to help with producing additional red blood cells, some conditions may also benefit from this such as impotency.

Sixth, one important benefit of almonds as a healthy food to eat is the benefit of managing blood glucose and the assistance of leveling your body's sugar, which all plays an important part of controlling diabetes.

While almonds are definitely not the only source of valuable nutrients that your body needs, they do add the benefit of being part of healthy food to eat and a great start for improving your overall health.

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