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Can the best diet to lose weight fast be nothing more than a fad?  Well, consider this, most people will ponder over the question of fad diets being bad for you, yet people are seeing results from them.  There are many so called fad diets on the internet today that claim huge results in weight loss for their clients in just days.  Typically though, many of the programs claiming their best diet to lose weight fast is only a temporary solution.  These diets are based on a large percentage of water weight loss, which by the way will immediately be put back on when that person re-hydrates their body.  This will eventually happen since the body needs water to prevent any major health problems.

Many of the other so called fad diets are merely nothing more than crash diets that build up the same kind of hype promising the best diet to lose weight fast.  They tend to be nothing but fashionable for a short period of time that allows the creator of the fad diet to pocket his profits from quick and easy product sales.

While there are some programs that could easily be the best diet to lose weight fast due to the overall nutritional meal plans attached to them, the problem is that these diets could also have been obtained for free from your personal physician.  Looking at the bad side of any programs for the best diet to lose weight fast, most of them are just too difficult for the average person to follow and this usually leads to failure from just giving up.

Best Diet To Lose Weight Fast – The Bad Side Of Most Fad Diets

Looking at any program that promises the best diet to lose weight fast based on quick and easy fat loss results are primarily based on you having to eat more of a certain food type or group and omitting foods from another group.  Obviously, dieting like this will backfire simply because you give up certain benefits that are needed for a healthy balanced diet.  In this case, the program overcomes the deficiency by having you take vitamin and mineral supplements. The problem with this is and something that many people do not understand is that some supplements will not get absorbed into the body without being taken with certain foods that the best diet to lose weight fast requires you NOT TO EAT.

The best diet to lose weight fast also has something else that makes it impossible for many people to stay focused on.  They are just plain boring and the restrictions on the program are too much for many people to endure.  These type of plans also have a novelty factor that lasts about two or three days at the most.  After the novelty of it wears off, you simply lose all interest and do not look forward to your meals.  This is also the first sign of most fad diets, if you constantly have a craving for food, then something is wrong and if you are on one of these crash diets you will eventually start cheating and get off it totally.  Depression and guilt will sometimes play a role during this stage as well, due to the fact that you think it was your fault for breaking your diet.

Another bad rule of fad diets is that they follow no recommendations from any of the leading health bodies such as  the American Heart Association or the Diabetes Foundation or others.  Many of these organizations set certain standards for maintaining optimum health, even during phases of dieting.  Things such as the required levels of fat that a person needs while dieting.  Because of this, many bad fad diets will require that you eat higher portions of fat laden foods while decreasing your carbohydrates.  If this happens, especially over a longer period of time, the future result will end up causing heart disease.  


Another thing that the creators of these bad fad diets do is inform you that the diet is only for a specified time period, but they know all too well that most people will not reach their desired weight loss goal in time which only leaves a couple options.  You must continue with the plan (which they want you to do) and risk major health issues for yourself or get off the diet completely and when this happens you will more than likely gain back all the weight that you lost.

Many programs claiming the best diet to lose weight fast also make the mistake of not including enough nutrients through fruits and vegetables.  They leave these out of their fad diet programs simply because of the carbohydrates associated with many of these nutrient foods.  In order for the best diet to lose weight fast to work, you must have a program that includes a variety of nutrient rich foods which your body requires for optimal health and performance.

Most bad fad diets promising quick weight loss results are simply temporary solutions.  Most do not offer permanent changes that must take place with your eating habits.  Even if you were to reach your target weight loss goal, chances are you would gain that weight back instantly if your eating habits do not change.  Here's another example of the bad fad diets.  Most of them will encourage you to go on a yo-yo type cycle of binge dieting for quick weight loss and than gain the weight back as soon as possible.  Sounds absurd, but it happens all the time.  Doing this will have more severe health risks for you over a period of time and on top of that, your levels of stress, lower self esteem and depression can also increase.

Thinking of all the ways that these fad diets are promoted and the promises that they advertise, just remember, they are not designed to help you achieve long term results, which by the way is more important than the hyped best diet to lose weight fast.

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