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Some people actually think that fat loss exercises are somewhat of a secret.  The truth is that most of the good fat loss exercises that will help you with losing weight are actually very common and usually ignored for some reason.  That's why many people think that fat loss exercises are something special.  Well, they're not!  In fact, most of the fat loss exercises that are outlined below you probably have done them before in school or as a family activity before.

Fat loss exercises are designed for a total body conditioning, not specific areas of the body which is often referred to as spot reducing.  When trying to lose weight, many people are under the impression that they can lose weight in specific areas only such as their belly, chest, thighs or face.  Spot reducing for target areas of your body is pretty much not going to happen like so many of the infomercials advertise or at least not the way that you think it will.
Did you know that one of the best fat loss exercises is walking?  Some people often think that walking does very little for losing weight since your heart rate is not reaching the fat burning point.  However, every step that you take is making a difference.  Yes, some people who walk at a faster pace or longer distance will burn more fat and calories, but the point is to get your body in motion and eventually overtime increase your pace and distance.  Remember this, if there is a secret to walking and burning fat, than it is definitely consistency.

Also, water is your best friend, so drink lots of it.  Water helps keep you from getting dehydrated and another important point when doing any type of exercise is that water will help your muscles from cramping.

Now, let's take a look at some very common, but great fat loss exercises that will help you to lose weight.  A word of caution before you begin.  Take your time and work into any exercise routine that you are beginning for the first time, even if you have done them before in the past.  Gradually work into each exercise and let your body adjust to the individual routines. 

Jumping Jacks:  Who hasn't done jumping jacks before?  Most people going through school probably did at least several or more.  Jumping jacks is one of those popular exercises that many people have ignored as they got older.  But, the neat thing about them is that they provide a total body workout for you and are excellent at burning calories.  Start out by doing three or four sets of 15 to 20 reps and gradually working up to five or six sets at 20 reps.  Another way to make them more effective is by slowly reducing your rest period in between sets.  Start out slowly and take as much time as needed to catch your breath, but your goal should be to reduce your rest period down to one to two minutes between sets.

Riding A Bike:  Here is another one those popular forms of exercises that many people don't take full advantage of, especially when trying to lose weight.  Bicycling can burn anywhere from two hundred to four hundred calories or more per hour.  However, if you are uncomfortable with riding outdoors you can always opt for a stationary bike that will give you much of the same results with burning calories.

No Weight Squats:  These can be performed anywhere and require no added weights to get results.  Squats are excellent for helping to build and tone the muscles of your legs and buttocks.  Standing upright with your feet approximately shoulder width apart, slowly squat down as if you were going to sit on a chair, than return to the starting position and start again. During the squatting process, keep your back straight and head looking forward.  If you need assistance or feel uncomfortable, try holding onto something like a rail, table or counter top until your muscles start adjusting to the exercise.  Try doing a couple sets to start out with and do 10 – 12 reps per set.

Stair Stepping:  If you live in a home with stairs, than you should already be getting some form of exercise already.  This fat loss exercise is fairly easy, but does wonders in raising heart rate, helps build and tone the muscles of your legs and buttocks and burns calories.   Using the bottom part of any stairway, step up with either foot first, than bring your other foot up next, than step down with the foot that you raised first and bring your other foot down to the starting position.  Repeat the process, only alternate your starting feet.  Do this for 15 – 20 reps and three sets to begin with.


Swimming: This has to be one of the most well known fat loss exercises, but people have ignored the benefits of swimming as a muscle toning and fat burning activity. Swimming is one of those activities that can be fun for the entire family and at the same time provide you with a great total body workout. Swimming laps or using floaters as resistance can burn anywhere from two to four hundred calories or more per hour.

Walking: As I mentioned above, walking is probably one of the best fat loss exercises that people can do to help lose weight.

There's six excellent fat loss exercises that you can start now and begin burning calories. By concentrating on eating healthier foods and adding some type of physical exercise, you can easily set your goals for losing weight and start improving your health at the same time.

Written by: K. Ho from fatloss.synthsite.com

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