Facts About Gluten

by Scarlet Black

For the benefit of people that are not aware what gluten is, gluten is a protein molecule usually found in grains such as wheat, rye and barley. Almost all varieties of bread, grain and cereal contain gluten but there are foods that do not have gluten content including rice, corn, buckwheat, millet, amaranth, quinoa, teff, soybeans, oats and sunflower seeds. Bread and food products that contain only these ingredients are considered to be gluten free.

Gluten is used as a main ingredient for breads because they provide bread its elastic and chewy characteristic. If gluten is not included as an ingredient for bread, you can expect to have dough that is sticky and thick and when cooked, the bread is usually dense and hard. Also, since gluten is responsible for giving bread is beautiful and normal shape, bread that does not contain gluten does not have very distinct shape. Not only that, gluten also provides nutrients and proteins that make bread healthy to eat. Aside from the proteins and nutrients that one can get in gluten, they also have the ability absorb liquids which is another advantage that it provides in bread and other foods that use gluten as an ingredient. Breads are used to absorb liquids in food like gravy and pasta sauces with the use of the absorbent quality of the gluten. Other than that, because gluten has the ability to imitate the absorbent quality of meat, they are also being used to substitute meat products.

People who have allergy on gluten which is also known as Celiac disease and people that believe that the presence of gluten in their diet may put them at risk of getting problems with their health are two kinds of people that avoid gluten. The following are tips on how you can live a gluten free life:

-People who are planning to live a gluten free life should make sure that they know what food products and ingredients usually contain gluten. Grains like wheat, rye and barley as well as pasta should be avoided since these kinds of foods contain gluten.

-In order for you to attain your goal of living a gluten free life, it is significant that you read the label of the foods that you are buying. You have to look out on the ingredients and content of the food that you are buying and watch out for food that contains "food starch" and "modified food starch".

-Gluten free diets is not only accepted in countries like USA but also in many other countries and there are restaurants and food chains that serve a gluten free menu to help those people that are avoiding gluten to be consistent with their diet plan.

-The internet can be a good source of gluten free recipes. Foods recipes that include ingredients like gluten free alcoholic drinks, gluten free bread and gluten free crackers are also available and searchable in the internet.

-There are recipes that require the use of flour like in making sauces and gravy. However, since flour contains gluten, you need to substitute flour with other ingredients like arrow root or corn starch in order for you to be able to make your food without using flour.

People that experiences symptoms of gluten allergy or Celiac disease are advised to seek medical help in order for them to know what possible medical intervention is necessary for them. This is due to the fact that even though gluten is one vital part of people's nutrition, it may also be the cause for other people's digestive problems.

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