Eliminating Childhood Obesity

by Claire Williams

Some parents tend to give everything that their kids are asking for, ignoring the fact that it could be dangerous for their children in the long term. One of the bad habits are rewarding of treats such as candies, junk foods and other unhealthy foods which are ironically having the best and addicting taste. Sometimes, parents are letting their children to consume these goodies to pacify, please or keep them at bay whenever they have something important to do. If this evolves to a regular situation everywhere along with issues of overeating, it would result to obesity on children which is a very alarming condition. To fight obesity that brings problems in physical, social and emotional health of a child, parents must do their part and lead their children to a fit, healthier and longer life.

Early Detection and Prevention

If it concerns you that your child is obese, determine this by making use of the body mass index (BMI). This is a useful and accurate way to measure the body fat of children and this can be done by dividing the kid's total pounds by their height. You can base the result on a BMI chart to see your child's body mass. No matter if your child is overweight or at normal body mass, it is important for everyone to undergo a lifestyle medication to prevent obesity among children.

Children are seeing their parents as role models. This means that you can get them to follow your lead of eating healthy and working out. Another way to make sure that your kids will be eating only healthy foods at home is by a simple shopping. Trim down your grocery list and avoid shopping for junk foods, sodas, high-fat syrups, cakes and processed meat. Increasing your child's physical activity can also help on keeping them fit, strong and burning those calories. It is one good reason to get them to do some dance lessons and karate sessions or let them join a sports team.

Self-Discipline and Making the Right Choices

It is true that excessive consumption of unhealthy foods is the main factor for obesity. With more analysis and realization, everything boils down to the lack of self-discipline with wrong food choices. Fatty, salty and sugary-sweet foods are the unhealthy foods that can break a child's control making them to crave for more of the same kind of bad treats. Even if kids are not aware of these foods as they can't see it at home, they will eventually learn about it once they step to the outside world. These bad goodies can be introduced by friends, relatives and other kids in school or other places.

To prevent them from gaining too much weight and body fat, teach your kids of self-control and train them to only eat healthy foods. Once kids have developed the habit of only eating the right kind of food, they might not like to try tasting or even the sight of unhealthy foods will disgust them. Self-control is also an important factor on avoiding obesity. When your child learns about self-discipline about eating, they can manage their weight by themselves and they can keep this virtue as they grow up. Eliminating impulsivity and unhealthy choices are the exact things that children need so that they won't reach for that extra slice or another bowl of bad treats.

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