It doesn't matter what healthy diet program you are on, people still worry about the amount of calories that are in each of their meals.  Unless you opt for eating prepackaged frozen entrees at every meal, the need to measure out serving sizes or portions sizes with each meal can sometimes be frustrating.  It can also cause unneeded stress for many individuals who are also following restrictive diets which can often create additional pressure just to stay on track.

I have talked with many dieters and found that their lives seem revolve around numbers, mostly numbers in total calories, but it also goes far beyond that.  To me that sounds more stressful just worrying about those numbers.

I believe that a healthy diet program should not have to focus entirely on counting, but actually enjoying what you eat.  However, even with the best healthy diet program available, some people are still going to have trouble with the serving sizes or portion sizes of the meals that they eat.

For example, cauliflower is one of those vegetables that I can't get enough of.  Whenever we have cauliflower for dinner I always have another helping (actually it's more).  Low butter and no salt added, the servings for the extra cauliflower really isn't something to worry about in the long run or something that will make an impact with my weight loss goals.

However, if I were to make this example six months or even a year ago, my extra servings of white rice would look completely different in terms of total calories for my extra portion sizes.  Being on a healthy diet program has helped me with the caution of serving sizes as much of the foods you eat are good for you, even if you have an extra helping.

But, for those people who continually suffer from portioning out foods it can still be a headache.  Last week I read an article that covered this same topic and some of the same problems that many dieters face.  One of the solutions to the problems of serving sizes was using what is called portion plates.  It might sound strange to some people, but for others that find it difficult in knowing exactly what size portions to eat, it can prove to be very helpful in controlling the amount of calories they consume for each meal.

On top of that, a good healthy diet program requires good nutrition as well.  These type of portion plates help people who are struggling with weight loss or even those that don't necessarily need to lose weight find the proper resources that will educate them in nutritional values.

I've included some links below to a few of the popular sites that offer portion plates and hope that you find them useful.