When I was growing up my parents loved having sweet potatoes with our meals and while I didn't mind eating them, they were not exactly on top of my favorite food list.  When I grew older I found myself eating sweet potatoes a little more frequently and when I lived in Europe for several years I ended up kind of getting hooked on them.

But, the neat thing about sweet potatoes are the health benefits that you can get from them.  Also, sweet potatoes have the distinction of being known as a super food.  They are part of the vegetable group and yes, they are a carbohydrate, but to the surprise of many people, they are a good carbohydrate.

Sweet potatoes are packed with nutrients and can be an excellent source of energy for your body.  They are loaded with vitamins A and C, iron, beta carotene and an extremely good source of fiber for you.  But besides that, they just taste good!

There are many ways that you can prepare them from boiling, steaming, barbequing, baking, stewing and even frying.  I like to bake them and add just a little butter or cinnamon and my wife prefers to make a stew with them.  Also, when we bake them, my wife will always bake extras and store them in the fridge.  That way we can eat them as an easy snack, warm or cold, it doesn't matter.

Of course, many people have really not been introduced to eating sweet potatoes.  That's probably because it's a vegetable and we all know what people think about eating vegetables.

However, if you want a good food source loaded with nutrients and something that will help increase your levels of energy, add some sweet potatoes to your healthy eating plan.