I was talking with a friend last week that mentioned something really simple when it comes to eating healthy foods.  He's not on a weight loss program, nor does he need to be, but he does believe in eating healthy foods and he exercises at least several times per week.  We were chatting about all the different types of food that are good for you and I just happened to mention that I had started making better choices in my life for weight loss and my health.

He mentioned that if you start the day out right with a nutritious breakfast, it helps set the pace for eating healthy foods throughout the rest of the day.

Very simple and to the point.  While I am already aware of the fact that people need to start the day with a healthy breakfast, I really didn't think about it the way he does.  It makes perfect sense as you set an example for yourself.

I also asked him if he ever skips breakfast and his response was clearly, “why would you want to”?  Of course, I didn't have an answer, but I kept the conversation going by saying that a lot of people do skip breakfast for various reasons.  Either they are rushed to get to work, to tired to eat, do not feel hungry or just don't like eating first thing in the morning.

He gave me a glared look and mentioned that eating healthy foods needs to be a habit, something that is done consistently no matter what.  You can't really achieve that level unless you start first thing in the morning or when you first awake.  I totally agree with that, plus skipping breakfast sets you up for failure as your eating habits for the rest of the day will generally involve poorer choices.

For me, there have been times when I really wasn't hungry for breakfast, but I still have something anyway.  I love hard boiled eggs and one thing that my wife and I do is hard boil them in advance and set them in the fridge.  On those days when we don't feel as hungry for breakfast or lack the time to cook, the eggs are already prepared for us.  I like to eat the egg whole, but my wife prefers the egg chopped and spread on a piece of toast.

Is breakfast really that important and does it really set the rest of the day for your choice of eating healthy foods? 

I've been reading more and more from bodybuilding magazines to health and fitness articles how breakfast can actually set the bar for your overall health.  It's not something that was just made up to sell breakfast products.  Everyone from health professionals to fitness enthusiasts support the idea that eating breakfast is vital for your health and overall well-being.  Eating breakfast will fire up your metabolism, increase energy, help to stabilize levels of blood sugar and help to keep you going until your next meal which should be mid-morning or a couple of hours after eating breakfast.

Don't feel hungry for breakfast?  Pressed for time?  In a hurry to get to work or school?  Make time!  Go to bed earlier or wake up earlier.  Not hungry, eat something small.  Grab a piece of fruit, some vegetables or even yogurt. 

Make it a habit to start your day out the right way.  Start with a good breakfast and begin to increase the habits of eating healthy foods for a better and more fulfilling life.