I was at the gym last night after missing several weeks of working out due to my schedule and personal projects that I needed to get done.  I miss working out and always find it a great motivator, especially since I'm working on improving my health and losing weight.

In just a short period of time I've noticed some new faces and of course, a couple of the regulars.  It's always good to see that people are making an effort to transform their body's and their health.

Anyway, late yesterday I noticed a news article that immediately caught my attention.  It was a news article about a young New York man who lost 198 pounds in just 10 months.  Before reading the article, I thought, wow, that's an average of twenty pounds per month and that he must be on some kind of weight loss program that uses diet pills, some crazy crash diet or something similar to that.

However, according to the article, his weight loss has nothing to do with pills, drops or any other miracle remedy or magic source.  His secret, a healthy eating plan which consists of fruits, vegetables, leaner cuts of meat, other high fiber foods, and of course, water.  And, his daily caloric intake was between 1,500 and 2,000 calories a day.

On top of that, he included an exercise program where he was working out at the gym six days a week.  While working out six days a week may not work for everybody, the important thing is that it displays how important exercising can be for weight loss.  Or, at the very least, how it can help with burning additional calories.

The healthy eating plan that is outlined is much the same as most of the fat loss diets that are available today.  It's also a good sign for people that are looking for more positive programs that can help them with their own struggle in losing weight. 

This news and information can be very inspirational by helping people to stay motivated while they are trying to lose weight.  After all, it's stories and events like this that help build confidence in us all so that we can make it to those hard to reach goals in our lives.  For me, I'm definitely not at any point where I'm losing twenty pounds per month, nor do I see myself doing so.  But, that's okay.  As long as I keep improving and following my healthy eating plan, exercise and continue to lose weight each month.  I can live with that!

Here's the link to the article: