To be successful with fat loss diets or any weight loss program for that matter is going to require positive thinking.  I know, it's something that you have heard over and over again from people all around you.  But the truth is, positive thinking is what can make or break any of your efforts with fat loss diets, exercise, improving health and total weight loss.

In fact, just two weeks ago I was talking with a women who was so negative about diets and losing weight that she was actually making me depressed.  She has been trying to lose weight for the last eight years and nothing seems to work for her.  We only chatted for about twenty minutes, but the only thing that I was getting from the conversation was negativity.

Towards the end of the conversation I simply told her to stop dieting and that immediately caught her off guard.  Stop dieting to lose weight and start thinking more about what you eat.  On top of that, negative thoughts get you nowhere and only create added stress or emotional problems for yourself and almost everyone else.

Anyone will have problems with fat loss diets or losing weight if the majority of their energy is surrounded with nothing but negativity.  In order for you to achieve weight loss goals that you set for yourself, you must have a positive mindset, a positive attitude and a positive outlook on life in general.  Without these, you are doing nothing more than setting yourself up for failure.  

1.  Create a more positive mindset for yourself by understanding the need to lose weight.  This might sound strange to some people, but the need to lose weight is different for everyone that is trying to lose weight.  For example, ask people who are trying to lose weight and you will get many different responses as to why they are dieting.  It doesn't really matter what the reasons might be, whether it's because you want to fit into a smaller dress size or you want to look slimmer for an upcoming party or you just want to improve your health. 

Keep track of all the reasons and write them down.  Even though many people might follow some crazy reasons why they need to lose weight, it may be their only motivator to keep them on any type of weight loss goals.

2.  Success with any type of fat loss diets require setting realistic goals for yourself.  Find the ideal weight that you want to achieve, but more importantly, remember that your maximum weight loss should be around two pounds per week in order to reach it.  From there, calculate the time it will take to reach your goals, which should also include short, medium and long term goals.

Remember, changes in negative thinking will not happen overnight, much the same as losing weight.  Be realistic, not just with your goals but with your expectations of weight loss.  Take your time and make positive adjustments in your eating habits, lifestyle and thinking.