by Bridget Jackson

Green tea is an effective drink that helps in burning fat as well as boosting your metabolism. This drink is a natural and healthy way to reach your weight loss goals. This on-line slimming tip of using green tea extract is very effective and generally results in satisfactory outcomes in people trying to slim down.

A lot of emphasis has been given to this drink and several studies and experiments were conducted in human beings, animals as well as laboratories. It has been proven that this beverage is an incredible weight loss product. The catechins found in it results in effective burning of excessive fat.

Green tea has various other health benefits apart from shedding extra pounds of the body. This product has been used for several years to cure many types of ailments. It helps in fighting against diseases like cancer as it reduces the cell damage that is seen in these types of ailments. The antioxidants found in the drink helps in preventing the damage of cells. It delays the ageing process also. The good cholesterol is increased, and the bad cholesterol is lowered by drinking this beverage.

Apart from this, it also acts as an astringent as well as healing wounds, aiding in digestion, acting as a diuretic, regulating blood sugar levels and body temperature. The liquid extract is made up from the leaves and leaf buds. It is advised to have at least 200 mg of the product daily to get maximum benefits.

One can use this beverage instead of other drinks, for example, coffee and juices. Experts recommend intake of three cups daily to experience burning of excessive fat and increased metabolism of the body. It is a nourishing and healthy drink and stimulates you as well. Other beverages like sodas and juices should be avoided as they are less nutritious and contain more calories.

However, excessive drinking of this beverage leads to dehydration, nausea, dizziness and insomnia as it contains caffeine. Therefore choose a decaffeinated green tea to avoid these side effects. People who are on medication are advised to consult their physician before adding it in large amounts into their diet.

This on-line slimming tip using green tea extract is safe and at the same time very effective in increasing metabolism. This is a properly studied product and incorporating it in your daily diet would result in more fat burning and has other benefits. Drinking this item would give you great health benefits, which one will not get from having other common drinks such as sodas and coffee.

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