Well, it is week number 8 of my weight loss journey and have found very little difficulty staying on track and making those wiser and healthier food choices.  During the last two months most of my time has been spent on making healthier choices in my life and learning new recipes or at least new ingredients to old recipes.  It's hard to believe that I can go grocery shopping with my wife and actually not have any cravings for many of the junk foods that we used to buy. 

Yes, even my wife has taken part in making healthier choices for herself.  While my wife realizes that I am totally committed to see these changes take place, she also knows that I have not asked her to change anything she is eating.  We talked about this yesterday and she just wants to make things easier for the both of us.  Besides that, she is pretty much a health nut already.  You see, my wife was born and raised in Portugal and brought up cooking food that is fresh, instead of prepackaged foods that are more abundant today.

My wife mentioned that she would like to lose 10 pounds, even though she is not in a hurry to do it.  She weighs exactly 10 pounds more than when we were married and that was years ago.  I always tell her that she's been lucky not having to worry about gaining weight.  Her metabolism is much faster than mine and the fact that she eats more fruits, vegetables and soups than I do probably helps out.

The good part is that I get that added support while I'm going through the changes in my eating habits.  Cutting out the white rice that I was eating daily practically non-stop was difficult, but she helped me through it and she is also adding brown rice to some of our meals just to satisfy me.  However, even though it is rice, I have never really liked it, it's just not the same and doesn't make up for regular rice.  We decided the best thing was to add brown rice only once or twice weekly to our menu and have started adding other varieties of vegetables to take its place.

Any time someone goes through changes in their life, whether it's for losing weight or countless other reasons, having some kind of support can be extremely important.  And, even though I know that I can do this on my own, I would be a fool to turn down any support I can get.  Besides that, it just makes things so much easier!