Have you ever noticed that the things you enjoy eating the most are also the most fattening for you?  It's that time of year again where family and friends start showing their cooking and baking skills.  It's a time for them to bring forth every treat imaginable and at a time when you are expected to taste the goodies.

I personally could write an endless list of all the seasonal treats that I love to eat during the holidays.  But, I am also more aware that almost every item that I could write on that list will be bad for me.  Of course, for myself and others as well, it doesn't have to be limited to just holiday cooking.

People just naturally have a craving or a weakness for certain foods, which are often not the best choice.  This is especially so in my case when it comes to some favorite holiday treats such as minced pies or divinity that I love eating.

Why are the things that taste so good, so bad for us?  Often, the biggest problem with many of the foods that we crave is that they lack any nutritional value.  They are basically what you might call, unhealthy and fattening.

Of course, even though most of the food items that I could write down are unhealthy and fattening for me, I still enjoy the chance to eat some of them during the season.  No, I haven't fallen off the path of healthy eating, nor is it considered a reward.

It's more of an enjoyment period for me during my lifestyle change.  After all, it's not like I'm eating minced pies everyday or snacking on divinity nightly before going to bed.  In fact, I've only enjoyed one minced pie so far this season and a small piece of cherry divinity.

But, if I were to take a closer look at that list that I could write, I'm sure it would be simple to enjoy some kind of treat everyday during the season. 

That brings me to another thing when it comes to those cravings.  It just makes sense that the majority of foods that we enjoy the most are basically simple.  The foods we crave are something that we've grown accustomed to during our lives. 

What I've been able to incorporate into my lifestyle now is to make healthier options just as simple.  It's still a learning experience for me, but it is also something that is working.  It's something where I can actually notice a change.