by Josh Blackmiller

When you consider the many dieting and weight loss programs out there at present, it is difficult to know which diet plan or weight loss program fits you best. If you go to any doctor, personal trainer or physical fitness expert, however, the answer is always the same. If you want to shed pounds, you need to diet and exercise. How to loose weight? Weight loss is not magic, there are no gimmicks other than surgery

Many others and my own experience with weight loss has been quite extensive, and I have tried many of the so-called diets or diet products sold online. What I ultimately realized is that I either lost weight at first and then came to a standstill, or I actually gained all of the weight back and more.

When I first decided to try a weight loss diet plan that included exercising and watching how I ate, I became dejected, since I had to give up some of my favorite foods and had to exercise. I quit after a little over a week and started looking for another product that would help me take off the weight.

I went to see my doctor about my weight problem a few months later, and asked if there was some type of pill that I could take to lose weight, or some other plan. While I was talking, my doctor was shaking her head, and then she said, "You need to diet and exercise; it's as simple as that."

I waited a few more months, gained a few more pounds before trying to diet The psychological effect is the worst, because you feel bad about yourself and self-conscious about your body image.

Diet plans to lose weight advance workable diets. Because of this, I decided to try the doctor's advice and started up a weight loss diet plan where I dieted and exercised mainly to test to her that it would not work for me. I made up my mind to give it a month, and then go back to her with the results.

In a month's time, I had lost 11 pounds, was feeling much better than I had felt in years, and the best part was that I actually coveted the good foods - the fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and whole-grain bread that I had started eating - and that consuming sugar enriched snacks and fast foods made me feel lousy.

Within about eight months I had lost 60 pounds and was down to a reasonable, and realized that my doctor was right all along. Now, there are those people that have metabolic disorders or glandular problems that do make it difficult to lose weight, but for most of us, the best weight loss diet plan is just a matter of eating healthier and becoming more active.

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