Well, the end of summer has finally come.  Kids are officially back at school and now it is time to prepare for the fall season and eventually winter.  The past summer months have been very hot and dry with very little rain, which usually means the upcoming winter season will probably be cold with a lot of snow in the forecast.  Let's hope it stays in the mountains!

During the next few weeks, I'll be spending time winterizing things around the house and getting things ready for the freezing weather.  Things like the yard, sprinkler system, checking pipes, weather trim around the doors and windows, all the good stuff you are familiar with as well.

The upcoming change in seasons also means preparing for the holidays.  I know it sounds pretty early to be thinking about it now, but it is happening no matter what.  The other day at the mall I noticed a couple of stores that have already put items on display for Christmas.  The large retailers have also put all their winter clothing out and they are also sneaking in items for the holiday season as well.

This time of year also brings on many different celebrations, as well as many different food items that will be put in front of us all.  From home baked goodies to store bought treats, the temptation will be there no matter what.

I've already skimmed through some articles on the net where holiday cooking and treats is one of the worst times for people to try and lose weight.  (that's why we have resolutions)  I know it is hard for me sometimes to resist many of the home baked goodies.  I have a soft spot for divinity.  I really don't know why, it's just something that I tried as a youngster and fell in love with it.  If I see a plate of divinity, I don't just have one or two, I keep eating them until they are gone.  (oops, bad habit)

Another treat that I have a hard time resisting are the no-bake chocolate cookies, either oatmeal or coconut.  They always seem to be in abundance during the holiday season.  Maybe that's another reason that I like them, it's a once in a year partaking of goodies.

For myself, I know that the next few months will be harder for me as I need to adjust and keep sight of my weight loss goals.  Honestly, it's going to be hard turning down some of the food and treats I've grown accustomed to enjoying during this time of year.  But, I also know that I don't want to start gaining back weight that I've already lost as well.

One thing that I will do is work harder during the week and maybe reward myself with a treat.  After all, rewarding yourself with a meal or even a treat for sticking with your weight loss is a good way to reinforce the healthy choices and changes that you made in your lifestyle.

But, no matter what happens, I don't want to end up at the first of the year making a new resolution to lose the weight that I might have gained during the upcoming winter and holiday season.