Ever Since I was in high school and college, I'll never forget how most of my coaches would explain that weight training was not just about getting stronger, but also a good way to stay trim.  This very same philosophy is true today as weight training exercises can accelerate your weight loss goals.  Of course, most people are under the impression that lifting weights is only for those that seek to gain muscle mass and much of this has been supported through myths over the years.  You can easily include various types of weight training into your weight loss program and still have a lean body without the added muscle mass that many people fear. 

Basically, weight training will help to increase lean muscles of your body and you have to take into account that adding any type of cardio training and weight loss programs can ultimately reduce some of your existing muscles.  That simply means that any muscle loss that you go through while losing weight will eventually slow down the process of your metabolism and that doesn't work to burn fat.  So, by simply adding a basic weight training program to your weight loss program will help to build more lean body muscles which helps to increase your metabolism. 

I have been going to a gym off and on for over twenty years or more.  At one time, it actually seemed like I lived there as I was always doing something that involved sports or physical fitness.  If it wasn't racquetball, swimming, basketball, or some other organized event, then it would usually end up being lifting.  However, over the years schedules and events in my life have changed and so did my frequent visits to the gym.  At one point, I actually paid on a membership, but ended up not using it for almost 18 months.  There's a thousand and one excuses that I can come up with as to why I slowly got away from working out.  It's not that I didn't like it, in fact, I loved it.  But, that is history and it doesn't really matter what happened.

Today is a new start for me and adding weight training with my weight loss program is something that I'm really excited about.  The gym that I have chosen is Fitness 19, not because it is better or even more well equipped.  Over the years I have belonged to some pretty fancy health clubs, but Fitness 19 provides exactly what I need in order to achieve my goals and at a price that won't break the bank.

July 3rd was my first day back at a gym in almost two years so you can imagine that the first two or three weeks will be nothing strenuous or over exerting.  In fact, my whole routine will be completely different from the ones I used years ago that involved a lot of heavy lifting.

During the coming weeks I'll be adding my progress here on this blog as to my own weight training program, as well as the cardio routines that I've chosen to help increase my metabolism and burn fat.