Most experts in the diet industry like to rouse attention to what they call “Diet Facts” and other people like to call them “Diet Myths.  To me, that's just more of the same reasons why I've always been so pessimistic about diets, mainly because of all the misunderstanding, misinformation, false promises, so called diet facts and diet myths that go back and forth and the enormous amount of hype that is generally built around the weight loss industry.

No matter where you look, people are always coming up with or exposing new diet facts that will supposedly help more people to lose weight faster and simpler.  Than as time goes on, those diet facts ultimately become myths or even scams within the industry.  The funny thing is that often the people who claim to know everything about dieting and losing weight will sometimes begin circulating these myths themselves.

Of course, diet facts and myths can be two completely different topics to consider, but for me they're pretty much the same thing.  Over the last two months I've learned that you have to take things in stride and weed through much of the information that the internet provides.  And, even as resourceful as the internet is for most of us, a good number of diet facts, diet information and myths are still only opinions. 

Now, that's definitely not something that's considered bad, in fact, it is actually good.  But reading information from other people and how they are dieting based on the diet facts or myths that they've researched or were given can sometimes be amusing. 

Just as an example, a lot of people are saying that bananas should be avoided while losing weight.  That will be the day!!  Yes, I know bananas do have more calories than most of the other fruits that you might enjoy.  However, one or two bananas a day is not going to hurt your weight loss goals.  Also, bananas supply valuable nutrients, one of which is potassium that your body needs a balance of each day.  My opinion, crack the myth and have a banana or two. 

Here's something else that's considered more of a myth, but some people and the manufacturers are claiming it more as diet facts when it comes to losing weight.  It's the so-called “low fat” foods that have been popping up everywhere in the grocery stores and restaurants over the last few years.  Sure, they might be lower in fat compared to the original brand, but check the labels.  I never realized until recently how much sodium some of these low fat foods and other prepackaged foods had in them and that's only sodium and doesn't account for other things such as added cholesterol.  On top of that, people generally see low fat foods as something they can eat more of without jeopardizing their weight or health.  Trust me, I was one of those people that fell for that.

All in all, I guess the whole diet facts or myths suggestions that surround the diet industry is just something that those of us who are working towards losing weight must put up with.  I know for most people, including myself, it can be confusing or even frustrating at times wondering right from wrong.  Anyway, for now it's just one step at a time!