I have read many articles how people on diets have continuously run into problems with food cravings and the extreme desire to want some kind of food that will satisfy their taste buds.  While food cravings may be simple enough for others to handle and overcome, many people will end up with weight loss failure simply because of their cravings.  Since most diets are considered to be strict in order to achieve weight loss, a persons food cravings can change how well you will do while on your individual program.

The following ideas are some things that I have done over the last seven weeks that are helping me to over come some of the food cravings that I am presently having to deal with.

Temptation for you to snack or eat something that is going to sabotage your weight loss efforts is easy.  Therefor you need to remove that temptation from your sight.  This simply means getting rid of the junk food that occupies your home.  If you can see it, get rid of it.  If a bag of cookies or a bag of chips is in sight or in the usual places such as the kitchen, your mind and your food cravings will simply tell you to eat them.  Replace the junk foods and the processed foods with wholesome and healthier foods that you can eat during these food cravings.

When you have a craving for food, think about drinking some water or juice.  Both will help to fill you up and relieve the urge to snack on foods.  Just make sure that the juices are natural and contain no added sugars.

Another way that I relieve food cravings is to snack on fruit or veggie slices.  You can practically munch on veggies and fruits as much as you want and still stay on track with your weight loss goals.  And, even though fruits contain sugar, it is not the same as processed sugar, in fact, your body digests the sugars from fruit in a different way.  The point is, fruits and veggies will help fill you up and relieve the additional food cravings that you have for much of the junk food.

It is now the end of the 7th week after starting the diet solution program and while many cravings for most of the junk foods that I ate before are under control, some cravings still exist.  I have to be honest, I miss eating rice and I crave it daily.  Some people will have food cravings for many of the popular junk foods or processed foods such as candies, chocolate, ice cream or potato chips, while mine is simply a bowl of rice.

In all honesty and no matter what other people say, it is hard giving up some of the foods that I once enjoyed.  Seven weeks is not a great deal of time to give up something, especially when you do it cold turkey.  The key for me and something that works with my food cravings was finding something healthy to eat that I really enjoy.  I am eating more bananas, apples and strawberries now and have noticed how my hunger and cravings are slowly getting more under control.

As time goes on I realize that the food cravings that I am experiencing now will slowly start to disappear.  A perfect example of this is with sodas.  I have absolutely no interest in drinking sodas at all and out of all the junk foods that I have given up, sodas were the one thing that I thought would cause the most problems for me.

Finally, don't forget that eating breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  You've probably heard this over and over again, but how true it is.  The one thing that I have been learning is that jump starting your metabolism is an important part of weight loss for anybody.  In order for your metabolism to get started you need to supply it with the proper nutrients it needs and the best way to do this is by eating a healthy breakfast.  Also, eating a good breakfast will help curb many of the food cravings that you might end up going through during the day.

The best advice that I can offer at this time is that you must work with your healthy meal plans.  Some meals are not going to work for you simply because of taste or some other reason.  Don't be afraid to experiment and try new things or new ways of preparation.  Eventually, eating healthy foods will start to become more natural and the food cravings that you are going through now will slowly begin to fade away.