I have read many articles and talked with dozens of people who have claimed that many of the so-called weight loss diets and physical fitness programs have failed them in their own personal attempts to get in better shape through dieting and exercising.  I can't argue with them since I've always been somewhat skeptical of many weight loss diets that have been advertised over the years.  There's so many choices for people and what they actually end up with is information overload. 

For example, the other day I was at a convenience store waiting in line and on the counter I noticed a medium sized box with smaller boxes inside.  There were several people in front of me and as I got closer to put my stuff on the counter, I saw that the boxes were the HCG diet drops.  When I finally got to check out with my stuff I noticed immediately to the other side of the counter another diet formula promising fast weight loss through the use of supplements.  Then, as I was walking to the door an advertising banner was promoting another weight loss product.  It's amazing how these marketing campaigns can target those people looking for solutions in so many effective ways.  My point is that so many options and choices are available for those in need, but the question is for many of these products that are sold over the counter is, how safe and effective they really are for people?

Anyway, for now  my concentration will be on the diet solution program that I have chosen to follow.  I guess the neat thing about the program and the one thing that caught my attention a couple of years ago is the fact that it is not a diet, but more of a game changer, so to speak.  You don't have to rely on pills, liquids, shots, prepackaged meals or even starvation, you simply design your own healthy meal plans that work for you through healthier choices in food.

However, there is one thing that you must prepare yourself for and it doesn't matter whether it is the diet solution program for weight loss or any other program.  It's the one thing that most people overlook or take for granted when they join or seek any weight loss program, and that is motivation.  I know it sounds pretty generic and something out of a winners tell all book, but motivation is a factor no matter what.  Your success or failure is going to depend on the motivation that you possess and create for yourself, period!

You can read many of the past articles in dozens of fitness magazines and notice that one thing is common with most people who failed with their weight loss program, their goals.  For instance, let's say that you have decided to lose weight and you have a target weight loss goal of 30 pounds.  Most people will use that figure as their motivation to keep them going.  Yes, using the target figure is a good start and one of the best ways to keep your sights on what you want to achieve, but counting on your target goal is not going to increase your overall motivation to help you through your program.

There has to be small changes that need to happen in order for motivation to increase.  This will occur when you place smaller goals in front of your target goal, sort of like stepping stones. 

In my circumstance, my target goal is to drop 100 pounds within twelve months.  It's a goal that's not unrealistic and something that is manageable based on losing an average of two pounds per week.  Of course, because the program I have chosen is not a diet, the average weight loss per week could be more or less depending on outside factors such as increased physical activity (or BBQ's ye-ha!) and so on.  The smaller goals that I have outlined for myself will be monitored in six week periods.  The six week period for monitoring my weight has nothing to do with the program itself, it is basically something that I feel more comfortable with personally. 

Your own smaller weight loss goals can be monitored as you wish.  The important part is setting them and working towards them as they are part of the small changes in your life that will help to further build and strengthen your motivation.  Don't forget as well, concentrating on other small changes will also make a difference in your motivation.  Changes such as increased energy, drop in clothes size as you lose weight, better sleep patterns, changes in physical appearance plus many more that will develop as you progress with your weight loss.

As I mentioned above, one of the small changes that I set up for myself and part of my continued motivation was to average losing two pounds per week.  I started the program on July 3 and checking my weight on August 14, which was exactly six weeks, I lost a total of 11.4 pounds.  It's right where I need to be and as far as my motivation is concerned, it is definitely high!